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The SureCost inventory management system provides pharmacies the tools to manage their inventory in a single application. The inventory is tracked through its entire life cycle – ordering, receiving, dispensing, adjustments and transfers. Real-time reports provide corporate insight into inventory levels, variances and stale inventory at each pharmacy location.

SureCost Inventory Management provides the following benefits for pharmacies

  • Reduces inventory and improves cash flow and drives consistent inventory controls
  • Decrease outdated expenses and processing fees.

  • Increases inventory turns, while reducing product shortages
  • Integrates with most pharmacy systems
  • Improve loss prevention
  • Ability to generate daily Purchase Orders based on replenishment needs
  • Electronically submits orders to one or more vendors, automatically evaluating contracts, pricing and availability through SureCost
  • Receives products through SureCost Mobile, providing invoice reconciliation
  • Audits inventory to capture discrepancies
  • Enforces best practices for inventory management
  • Maintains real-time inventory levels for accurate accounting

What makes this application so unique is the ability to seamlessly integrate with the SureCost purchasing system. All item changes that are a result of SureCost optimizing product, vendor substitutions, or shorted items are automatically reconciled in the perpetual ordering system. This feature eliminates the need to manually correct daily shorts or product changes. SureCost inventory can incorporate our mobile application, SureCost Mobile that can be used for ordering, receiving, transfers, and cycle counts. The pharmacy can review the daily auto-replenishment order at their convenience. In addition, SureCost dynamic order points are updated to account for the necessary demands.  

Structured to meet your needs with the ability to:

  • Manage and track inventory at all levels
  • Maintain accurate on-hand values at the item and group levels
  • Order ability at pharmacy and department levels.
  • Transfer between pharmacies and/or department levels


Supports: Corporation, Regions, Pharmacies, Departments

  • Corporation – Ability for C-Suite oversight
  • Regions – Ability to quantify territory and/or division inventory amounts/quantities
  • Pharmacies – Single or multi-site ability
  • Departments – 340B, OTC, Automation Equipment, Employee Health, etc.

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