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SureCost Lite is a web based ordering system, built and created specifically for independent pharmacies. SureCost Lite allows a pharmacy to evaluate generic prices and place orders to multiple vendors from one site using our easy order entry or import options.

Saving Time & Save Money!

  • Single ordering system for purchasing and/or reordering items from each of the pharmacies’ enrolled vendors.
  • Single source for reporting and accurate cost accounting.
  • Electronic order confirmation and invoicing (*based on enrolled vendors) and DSCSA tracking and much more.
  • Optimal product selection based on user parameters.
  • Substantial savings through informed product/sourcing decisions.
  • Daily updates of prices from enrolled vendors.
  • Ability to add rebates to each vendor.
  • Better package size selection.
  • Over 30+ secondary vendors to choose from with no limitations on the number of vendors to use within SureCost Lite.

Signing up is simple:

  1. Simply review the supported EDI vendors here:
  2. Complete required on-line form & upload DEA license
  3. Receive your user name and password and training.
  4. Begin ordering through SureCost Lite.
  5. Enjoy the savings and ease of ordering.