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SureCost® is a comparative purchasing and inventory management system that is helping a wide range of independent pharmacies improve their financial goals and gain purchasing and inventory control.

SureCost® Benefits
• Reducing overall cost of goods.
• SureCost® uses purchase history to suggest package sizes and order quantities to maintain set number of day’s inventory. Dispensing integration is also available if chosen.
• Transfer of stale inventory between pharmacies and Just-In-Time ordering.
• SureCost® models rebate plans to display and report sales, compliance, and earned rebates – in real-time. SureCost® uses this data to calculate rebated costs when comparing prices. It also provides the tools that allow the pharmacy to maximize both savings and rebates without compromising discounts.
• The pharmacy saves time because it is not necessary to keep multiple websites open to shop and create individual vendor orders.
• SureCost® has the purchasing data and makes it available in 60+ reports and 10+ real-time graphs to keep you informed of purchases, compliance, rebates, inventory, and MUCH more. You can configure SureCost® to guide the purchasers to products that are best for your clientele and your bottom line.

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