“As an experienced executive in Long Term Care Pharmacy with over 30 years’ experience, I very early realized purchasing the right drug at the right price is priority number one in operating a successful pharmacy. SureCost is the solution to and direction needed to develop and manage a comprehensive, detailed, sound, and accurate purchasing program. The software itself has been well thought out by purchasing and pharmacy professionals. The software is mature and has been enhanced by working with and through the SureCost users. I highly recommend using SureCost to enhance your operations and increase the profitability of your pharmacy.”
Denis Holmes, Operations Executive, AccuScripts Pharmacy
“SureCost is an amazing tool. I’m not sure how a pharmacy can operate without it. At the very least, we can be very confident we are purchasing every NDC at the best price available to us. But when you add on the electronic invoicing and the interface with our pharmacy software, it takes the efficiency to a whole different level. Reconciling orders has become a breeze. We have caught a number of shorts in orders that we never would have discovered if we put orders to the shelves the old fashion way! And the reporting capabilities? We can see so much more now that all of our PO’s are under one umbrella. I would highly recommend SureCost to any pharmacy that would ask!”
Paul O'Leary, General Manager, Parkview Health Services
“We love SureCost!!! We have reduced our purchasing costs and in using SureCost it has been extremely beneficial to our overall business. Using SureCost has also saved us time in dealing with so many vendors. This benefit is just an example on how their services have provided our operations the efficiency we were looking for. In addition, the customer service is superior in all aspects and their staff is very knowledgeable and has always been there to assist our pharmacy.”
Zisha Tec, Corner Pharmacy
“We love SureCost. I know that our retail stores reduced their purchasing costs over $175,000 over the 7 stores in the 1st year. One generic product alone we found we were purchasing at $40,000 per year more than we should have been from 1 vendor over another. Those savings continue year after year. In our Long Term Care facility the SureCost rebate Market basket is up to the minute vs the market basket that our buying group reports for our rebates which is 7 to 14 days old (because they wait for wholesaler purchase data to be reported).”
Steve W. Preston R.Ph., President, Falk's Pharmacies, Inc.
“I have worked with SureCost for several years now. The team at SureCost is professional and brings significant value in regards to Inventory management best practices. The SureCost software has increased our efficiencies in purchasing which directly hits the bottom line. The data available through SureCost and our analysis of this information gives us the ability to make smart decisions regarding inventory control. I would highly recommend SureCost.”
Steve Boulanger R.Ph., President, Mercury Pharmacy Services, Inc.
“We have worked with SureCost for over a year and we have implemented the product throughout all of our pharmacy locations. We have integrated it with our pharmacy management software and been able to identify best practices throughout the buying system, including being able to manage compliance to our wholesaler contracts by driving purchasing to contract specific products, while we are able to identify savings opportunities. Finally, the staff at SureCost has been a true joy to work with. They are all very professional and willing to help.”
David Morris, EVP & CFO, Guardian Pharmacy, LLC
“SureCost takes the worry and headache out of being an owner. Using one system, I can set purchasing parameters for both of my stores and not be concerned about minimizing costs, employee ordering non-compliance, or patient dissatisfaction with the rainbow pill effect. It has saved us time and again in key resources – money and time!”
Neal Smoller Jr., Owner, Village Apothecary
“SureCost software has been extremely beneficial to our business. We operate an eight pharmacy chain and SureCost has increased our product availability and decreased our drug costs significantly. I estimate our savings to be around .9% of total purchases currently.”
Vince Jorn Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy, Kohll's Pharmacy and Homecare
“After exploring all the various purchasing software companies we decided to go with SureCost. We started SureCost just a little more than a year ago and it has already saved us a tremendous amount of money. We are very satisfied with our decision to use SureCost and we would highly recommend them.”
Morris Meisels, EVP, Geriscript Pharmacy
“Every now and again, I am fortunate to find a product that makes me want to cheer. SureCost fits that bill. Until I discovered SureCost, I was paying pharmacist wages to hunt for the most cost effective generic vendor. The metaphor is intentional it did often feel like a chase. SureCost is a godsend now I know I am buying the right drug at the best price and it takes so much less time. To other independent pharmacists, this product is money in your pocket. Three cheers for SureCost!”
Jeffrey Papo, R.Ph., Tuminaro Pharmacy
“Your company brings a lot of value to your customers by providing training and the knowledge to help them manage their vendor contracts and purchasing accurately and efficiently. No one else in the industry provides that type of service.”
Doug Smock, CEO/President, Infinity Pharmacy Solutions, LLC
“I’ve been using SureCost now for several months and found that is has been very easy to use and has produced substantial savings. I no longer have to spend time on cost comparison between manufacturers, vendors or product size. I also don’t have the worry of an item being covered by the state. On top of all that, you have provided great and timely tech support and updates when needed. Thanks for producing such a great product.”
Laurie McDuffee, Northeast Pharmacy Services
“SureCost has definitely saved us time and money when ordering our medications. SureCost saves the hassle of looking up items from multiple vendor websites to find the best price. The one website allows you to price check multiple vendors at one time and get the best price at that time.”
Jason Degenhart, Assistant Director Pharmacy Operations, Green Tree Pharmacy