Company Background

Our company was established in 2002 by Calvin E. Hunsicker, R.Ph., who has owned and operated retail and long term care pharmacies. He was Vice President of Operations for NCS HealthCare (a national Long Term Care Pharmacy) with additional responsibilities for implementing a central packaging operation and the restructuring of their purchasing department. He has served as a board member and chair of a non-profit hospital for ten years. Emerlyn Technology was created to provide effective tools to pharmacies for the management of their purchases. Our team has 40+ years experience in the pharmacy industry and provides the knowledge needed to help your business. Annually, our SureCost® platform manages millions of ordering transactions and billions of purchasing dollars. Our company provides services to individual pharmacies and large publicly traded chains.

Product Overview

SureCost® is a secure web based system that allows pharmacies to manage their purchasing and inventory in a single application. SureCost® gives your pharmacy(s) control of real-time information. With just a few clicks of your mouse, it is easier to manage day-to-day ordering and compliance throughout your pharmacy organization. SureCost®’s inventory management system provides pharmacies the tools to manage their inventory in a single application. The inventory is tracked through its entire life cycle – ordering, receiving, dispensing, adjustments and transfers. Real-time reports provide corporate insight into inventory levels, variances and stale inventory at each pharmacy location. Our larger clients benefit by our integrated transfer system, which optimizes inventory between departments and locations. Emerlyn supports remote scanning through our OneScan product, which is designed to complement the SureCost® platform. OneScan includes features to simplify ordering and receiving of product. In addition, it integrates with our inventory system provided in SureCost®. Our system provides a contract management system for GPO, Private and Vendor contracts. Our contract management system evaluates and tracks market share and flat rebates for all contracts throughout your company.

Product Specifications

SureCost® is a web based service, requiring no additional hardware or software. Our OneScan remote scanner software operates on Motorola Windows Mobile scanners. All integrations to pharmacy and accounting systems are provided through standard communication protocols.

Additional Product Modules

• Inventory – Provides virtual inventory management for optimal ordering.
• Transfers – Tracks and manages all product transfers within your company.
• OneScan – Remote scanning for ordering, receiving, inventory and transfers.
• Accounts Payable Workflow – Provides receiving accountability by matching electronic receiving data to invoices real-time. It also provides management and accountability for non-matched invoices. All approved invoices are electronically sent to your accounts payable system.

Markets Served

Retail, Long Term Care, Infusion, Specialty and Acute Care

GPO Affiliations

We work with all GPO’s and in the Closed Door Long Term Care market we have an exclusive arrangement with Managed Healthcare Associates, Inc. (MHA).

Pricing Information

Our pricing is a monthly fee based on the services needed and the number and size of your pharmacy(s).

For Information, Contact:

Nathan Taylor
(888)-363-7596 x404

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