SureCost is the only system of its kind.  Harness the power and efficiency of cloud computing with SureCost, powered by Emerlyn Technology,
the most powerful and efficient pharmacy purchasing & inventory control system on the planet.

SureCost is a web-based ordering system that allows you to evaluate and place orders to multiple vendors from one web site created specifically for your pharmacy. It enables purchases to your existing vendors, while providing wholesale contract management, cost auditing and optimal product selection in a real-time environment.

SureCost reviews each item selected for replenishment and directs the purchase to the best source. It drives purchases necessary to comply with the primary wholesaler contract and directs other opportunities to secondary sources. Pharmacies using SureCost over existing applications and procedures have realized substantial savings.

The concept behind SureCost is to give the pharmacy the control of real-time information. With just a few clicks of your mouse, it is easier to manage day-to-day ordering, compliance throughout your pharmacy network and information for use in managing vendor contracts.


  • Automated, multi-vendor, Purchasing Decision Power
  • Contract & Vendor Compliance Controls
  • Cost-Centric Inventory Management
  • Decreased COGs with Improved Cash Flow
  • Single ordering system for purchasing and/or reordering items for each the pharmacies’ enrolled vendors.
  • Single source for reporting and accurate cost accounting.
  • Single source for contract management, private contract management and market share tracking.
  • Electronic order confirmation on every order.
  • Reduces out of stocks.
  • Optimal product selection based on user parameters.
  • Substantial savings through informed product/sourcing decisions.
  • Notification of filtered lower cost items.
  • Daily updates of all prices from manufacturer, vendor and contracts.
  • Rebate analysis and notification.
  • Results that are both measurable and sustainable.
  • Real-time invoice auditing.
  • Product Selection compliance – Multi-Site pharmacy managers can ensure the proper items are being ordered throughout their network.
  • Reduced rogue spending by driving compliance through product and source management established from the administrative level.
  • Generates a “Dynamic Formulary” for products based on filters. In addition, formulary overrides can be set to drive compliance to specific products.
  • Provides transparency (Sarbanes Oxley).
  • Automatic generation of rebates based on rebate period and algorithm.
  • DSCSA tracking and reporting.
  • Better package size selection.
  • Tracks average monthly usage by product group not just the product.
  • Identifies inactive product in inventory.
  • Bar Code Scanner support with SureCost Mobile allowing remote ordering, inventory control, transfers and receiving of products.
  • Effective and easy to use spend analysis.
  • A consolidated and scalable perspective of all procurement data from multiple stores.
  • Manages and track rebates and provides alerts.
  • Monitor tiers, percentages and/or dollars on vendors.

SURECOST, Powered by Emerlyn Technology

  • Established in 2002 by Calvin E. Hunsicker, R.Ph.
  • Technology company focused on the pharmaceutical industry
  • 40+ years experience in the pharmacy industry
  • Manages millions of ordering transactions annually
  • Billions of dollars purchased through our systems annually
  • Incorporates best practice from a diverse customer base
  • Captures critical data for better understanding of purchasing
  • Uses historic data for trend analysis
  • Provides solutions and services to both individual pharmacies, large publicly traded chains & corporations

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SureCost is the Only Technology of its Kind

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